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About Us

Tekrema Center Mission Statement 


Ese Ne Tekrema

The Adinkra Symbol of

Friendship, Interdependence and Strength in Unity

The mission of Tekrema Center for Art and Culture is creating a legacy of artistic excellence, scholarly achievement, and community responsibility  through the study, maintenance, development, and perseverance of African and African Diaspora art and culture.

Tekrema's Purpose


Tekrema Center is an African American cultural arts organization founded upon the ideologies of self-determination through Ese Ne Tekrema -  interdependence, friendship, advancement, improvement, and growth. As Black people we pledge responsibility for maintaining and developing our art and culture and hold ourselves accountable to ensure and protect the perseverance of African and African American art and cultural independence.


Tekrema presents its programming in artistic excellence that is beautiful, grounded, entertaining, and spirit-filled. Tekrema’s  members of leadership are trained professionals with expertise, dedication and commitment.


Tekrema Center Equity Statement

Tekrema has continued to work, serve, grow and learn from all people and cultures. Tekrema Center for Art and Culture asserts that all people, their cultures, and socially artistic processes deserve respect and recognition. 

This assertion requires:


  • Developing and assisting to sustain Black cultural art, education, history and pride among community’s youth, adults, and seniors – men, women, and binary or non identified or gender specific;

  • Respecting and celebrating humanity and its diversity;

  • Working to learn standards of artistic excellence of all artistic genres;

  • and continuing to welcome, support and respect Tekrema members, non-members, participants, community members, and other art or art-related and non-art related organizations.  

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