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Tekrema Center for Art and Culture and Tekrema Dance Theatre through its founding director Greer E. Mendy has researched and developed a body of work based on African, Louisiana and African Diaspora art and culture for over the past 18 years. We have traveled throughout Louisiana, Africa and The Caribbean to acquire historically accurate information and artistic practices. We have hosted artists from all of these regions in public community workshops in an effort to share the knowledge. The work continues.

Mission Statement

The mission of Tekrema Center for Art and Culture is creating a legacy of art and community in service to the citizens of New Orleans and beyond through the maintenance, development and perseverance of African and African American art and culture.

Tekrema Dance Theatre Objectives

Tekrema Dnce Theatre is Tekrema's professional performing entity. Its performance objectives are presentation of Pan-African ideologies through dance and multidisciplinary art.

Tekrema Dance Theatre Goals

Tekrema Dance Theatre's Center 2022 - 2023 season includes performances of new works, retrospective and reconstruction of repertory performances, community engagement, teaching opportunities, and paid performances.

Mandatory Rehearsals are once a week. Every other Tuesday 6:00 PM or Thursday 7:00 PM 

Andrew "Pete" Sanchez Center 1616 Fats Domino Ave.

Director's View

I have long considered myself a "Front Line Warrior". From my perspective as an artist dedicated to Black arts, I am a "Cultural Theorist." I will not apologize.

- Greer Goff-Mendy

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