Creating a Legacy of Art and Community

Center For Art and Culture

Tekrema Center Mission

The mission of Tekrema Center for Art and Culture is creating a legacy of art and community in service to the citizens of New Orleans through the maintenance, development and perseverance of African and African American art and culture.


Activities and Programs

Art is the material expression of the ideals of a people.

Tekrema Center for Art and Culture Art has created activities and programs meant to inspire and uplift its participants. Tekrema holds that art is the material expressions of the ideals of humanity. Art communicates and therefore can influence our actions by instilling cultural values within societies, but also foster ideals for the reciprocal respect of art forms across ethnic, geographic, and social political spaces.


Dance and Fitness Classes

Baby Bounce Class


Tekrema Dance Theatre

Tekrema’s Professional Performing Entity


DanceForever! 2020 Conference

Dance, Performance and Scholarship


Juneteenth Celebration

Tekrema’s Lower 9 Dolls

"Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down."

         -Toni Morrison (Song of Solomon)

Tekrema Center for Art and Culture

Andrew Pete Sanchez Center

1616 Caffin Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70115


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